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Film and pre-made bags for meats, cheeses and dairy products, pasta, ready meals and many other products.

Our proposals for the food industry

Retort Pouches

Stand up pouches made of heat resistant plastics that make them suitable for processing at a temperature of 120° C (normally encountered in thermal sterilisation of food).
They’re safer than aluminum cans, because they are easier to open and they prevent the risk of cuts.
Empty retort pouches need less storage space and have lower materials and transportation costs.

  • Perfect for soups and ready meals
  • Rotogravure printing
  • Matt or gloss lamination


  • Available optional: tear notch for an easier and faster opening
  • Now in 100% recyclable material too
Retort Pouches

Paper solutions

Pre-formed bags, roll-stock and bottom in paper or with a prevalence of paper, to ensure recyclability and obtain significant savings on environmental contributions.
The packaging can be equipped with a transparent window or bands.
Also available paper bottoms for sliced meats and roll stock solutions with paper plus bio-polymer for complete compostability, even with a metallized effect.

  • For greater sustainability
  • For various types of foods
  • 100% recyclable or compostable
  • With window or bands and with customized finishes


Traditional stand-up pouches with a round bottom gusset that folds flat when empty. More functional than rigid packaging, they reduce the cost of materials, transportation and distribution.

  • Very versatile and durable
  • Available in both standard and sustainable materials
  • Flexo and rotogravure printing
  • Matt or gloss lamination
  • Wide range of optionals such as zipper, transparent window and handle


Both standard and customized rollstocks. High-performing custom barrier and non-barrier films that can meet any requirements for sealability, oxygen and moisture barriers and that can efficiently run on all different types of packing equipment.

  • Extensive range of widths and roll diameters
  • Available in both standard and sustainable materials
  • Flexo and rotogravure printing
  • Matt or gloss lamination
  • Available optional: transparent window to see the product stored inside the bag

Sustainable materials

Eco-friendly solutions that deliver a positive image to customers and improves your brand image.
Sustainable materials that reduce the carbon footprint and are generally better for the environment.

  • 100% recyclable plastic film with barrier
  • Paper based products
  • Industrial and home compostable solutions
  • Biopolymer based products with or without paper

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