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We are the exclusive North American distributor of some of the highest quality automated machines for food packaging and for coffee industry. We provide excellent service and technical assistance to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

Our partners in a glance

Vertical Form Fill & Seal – VFFS – Machines

With headquarters and production facilities located in Italy, Miele specializes in the construction of automated machines for packaging food products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. For more than fifty years, trust, experience and leadership have contributed to Miele’s success.

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The company’s vision is centered on meeting the needs of the customer through product versatility, machine quality, competitive prices, technical assistance and consultation.

Miele operates under a “team work” environment with a group of engineers, designers and qualified professionals constantly updating and researching innovative solutions. The flexibility of the Miele organization and the “know how” acquired, guarantee high quality packaging lines to fit customer needs.

Miele Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machines are suitable for Pasta, Coffee, Sugar, Pet Food, Cheese, Frozen Foods, Snacks and more.

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End-of-line Automation and LGVs

Mad Automation, with over fifteen years of expertise, specializes in software development and end-of-line solutions, aiming to enhance performance and production efficiency in the packaging and handling industry with its state-of-the-art machinery.

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Driven by continuous innovation, Mad Automation offers a comprehensive range of machinery, including cartoning machines for self-protected capsules, case packers, palletisers, LGVs (Laser Guided Vehicles), and specialized software.

Each product is meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. From research and design to assembly and after-sales support, everything is handled in-house, ensuring top-tier quality and innovation.

Amidst expanding sales networks and turnovers, and navigating through the challenges of the Covid 19 crisis, Mad Automation has moved to a new, modern facility, reinforcing its commitment to revolutionizing end-of-line systems for manufacturing companies, ensuring high efficiency, cost reduction, ease of operation, safety, and productivity.

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Horizontal Flow – Thruwrappers

For over 35 years, Lafer has led the way in applying cutting-edge technologies to produce customized packaging machines for the food industry. Based in Italy, Lafer is celebrated for its exceptional quality, customer service, and integrity, treating every customer as a valued partner.
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Lafer is synonymous with innovation and collaboration in the packaging machine industry, dedicating over three decades to crafting tailor-made solutions for food packaging. Emphasizing a partnership approach, Lafer engages with each client to transform ideas into practical solutions, ensuring every machine is a testament to efficiency and quality. Specializing in Horizontal Flow-Thru Wrappers, Lafer’s machinery excels in packaging pasta, confectionery, bread, and pet food, among others. With a passion for sharing knowledge and a commitment to meeting customer expectations, Lafer stands out for its human-centric approach, where every project is an opportunity to enhance its offerings and customer satisfaction.

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Coffee Degassing, Conservation & Transportation

BMM Technology champions the coffee industry with its innovative degassing, transporting, and storage solutions. With a decade of expertise, BMM custom-designs systems to enhance production across all forms of coffee, ensuring remarkable and lasting improvements for businesses of all sizes.

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At the forefront of coffee processing innovation, BMM Technology leverages years of technical prowess to revolutionize coffee handling. Specializing in a unique vacuum and nitrogen degassing system, BMM stands apart from conventional methods, offering tailored solutions that cater to every client’s needs. Whether for packaging in bags, cans, or single servings, BMM’s custom-engineered systems ensure optimal treatment of coffee in all its forms, significantly enhancing operational efficiency for small, medium, and large enterprises. BMM Technology’s mission is to transmit its profound technical knowledge, aiming to improve production phases and deliver sustained, impactful results.


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Thermoforming and BlisterPacking machines

Founded in the late ’70s by Vito Ferrari, AL.MA. Srl Packing and Packaging Machinery has grown from a mechanical workshop to an international leader in Thermoforming and Blister Packing Machines, priding itself on exporting to over 43 countries with tailor-made precision.
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For over 40 years, AL.MA. has been synonymous with custom-crafted Thermoforming and Blister Packing Machines, emphasizing a bespoke approach to each project. Building exclusively to order, the company ensures each model is precisely tailored to meet specific client needs, minimizing waste and maximizing packaging efficiency. Under the leadership of Vito Ferrari’s children, AL.MA. continues to embody courage and passion, pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. The company’s commitment to flexibility, versatility, and cost-effectiveness marks its distinction in the packaging industry, securing its position as the “tailors” of packaging machinery, dedicated to continual improvement and customer satisfaction.

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Velvet is your gateway to the finest Italian packaging machinery, offering unparalleled solutions from leading manufacturers. With expertise spanning food, coffee, pharmaceuticals, and more, we’re here to enhance your production efficiency.
Ready to elevate your operations? Contact Velvet for innovative packaging solutions tailored to your needs. Let’s build your future, together.


At Velvet, we understand the importance of well-maintained equipment in ensuring the smooth functioning of your operations. With our team of highly skilled technicians, we are equipped to provide top-notch service and support for a wide range of equipment.

Our commitment to excellence means that we prioritize delivering reliable and efficient solutions to meet your equipment servicing needs.

Whether it’s routine maintenance, repairs, or even emergency breakdown assistance, our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way.

Regular servicing and maintenance play a crucial role in extending the lifespan of your equipment and reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

By entrusting Velvet with your equipment, you can have peace of mind knowing that it is in capable hands.

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